Festiva TV and its affiliate brands, including Festiva Radio, are expanding across the US and globally in many ways.   Stay tuned for regular updates. Ways to Watch or Watch 24/7 include:

  • IPTV, PC and Mobile and Apps (Freemium versions on PC, iOS, Google Play Stores, download us now at …..)
  • Direct Over the Air Antenna TV;  24/7 top network, Festiva TV, is available in the Miami/Broward Counties via broadcast station, WDFL on 18.3, plus coming soon to markets including but not limited to Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Sacramento, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, West Palm Beach and more through leading station owner group, DTV America, plus others.    Call letters and availability to be provided shortly and at www.dtvamerica.com
  • Multi-Channel/Multi-Device distribution for late January to early February, 2017, depending on your market include leading OTT top company:  YipTV.com.  Channels of Festiva TV and Festiva Radio Brands (21 channels being launched (list the 2O/and Festiva TV) arethrough YipTV.
  • Stay tuned for additional updates as the we expand in the US and across continents.     Thank you for your support and watch Festiva and stay connected through news from …. Share now (include tagline, with share to follow and social)